• Major Roads = Unhealthy Air
• 105 Subdivisions in Cherokee County and 238 in Forsyth County and as many as 1,000 homes conservatively valued at $300 million are potentially at risk.
• As many as 50 roads will be bisected – some becoming dead end roads.
• No Mandate ‐ When given a choice 56% chose “Dislike” for GDOT options.
• Another Northern Arc Attempt – Build asphalt in our county to help Atlanta because of cheap land.



Email the number of signs you can place and contact information to:

Now that the Primarily Election frenzy is cooling off, and the ocean of campaign signs has begun to recede, the Hwy20 Coalition is creating an “Awareness Sign” for placement within Cherokee and Forsyth Counties.

The primary purpose of the sign is to create awareness of:
1. The potential that a Freeway may be built
2. Our goal to Keep Hwy 20 on Hwy 20, and
3. The Web site at
4. And a Phone number.

The sign will be a full color standard 24” by 18” double sided campaign sign with metal support. The signs cost $9.00 each and due to our limited budget and depending on the request for signs we may need to request contributions to help defray the cost.

Ideal placement will be:
• In businesses along Highway 20
• Entrances to Subdivisions that support the goal of Keeping Hwy 20 on Hwy 20 (Make sure Subdivision by-laws permit placement of the sign).
• Individual homes and un-developed land parcels in non-subdivision areas that support Keeping Hwy 20 on Hwy 20.
• Other responsible and creative uses.

Be sure you have permission from businesses, homeowners, landowners or Subdivisions prior to placing a sign and do not violate county ordinances by placing signs in public right-of-ways.
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PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Congratulations to the successful candidates including: (Only those with opponents are listed).

Cherokee County:
Buzz Ahrens, Chairman Board of Commissioners
Steve West, Cherokee Board of Commissioners, District 1

Forsyth County:
Mark Hamilton, State Representative, District 24
Todd Levent, Forsyth Board of Commissioners, District 3

RUN OFF July 22, 2014

US Senate:
Jack Kingston
David Purdue

US House of Representatives
11th District Cherokee County
Bob Barr
Barry Loudermilk

State Senate:
District 27, Forsyth County
Jack Murphy
Michael Williams

State Representatives:
District 22, Cherokee County
Meagan Biello
Wes Cantrell

Check out the attached list to see the current status of support for Keeping Hwy 20 on Hwy 20 from Elected Officials and Candidates for Elected Office.

Send your thanks and support to those that support Keeping Hwy 20 on Hwy 20 and ask those that have not yet committed to support this goal.
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